Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the key assuring factor and inexhaustible impetus for realizing Jinke’s strategies. By systematically summarizing Jinke's

cultural achievements, making a clear outline of Jinke's innovative practices, and precisely advocating Jinke's code of conduct, we have formed a

cultural concept system manifested as the "Core culture, management culture, talent culture, and behavior culture".

Wonderful Life for You

Our mission is to fulfill the customers' yearning for a happy life. Connect customers via "Four-in-one with Coordinated Development of Ecosystem"

lifestyle. It is committed to becoming a top-ranking "service provider for wonderful life" in China, which creates higher values for customers, produces

greater returns for shareholders, plans for a brighter future for employees, and practices better public welfare for the society.

  • Wonderful life for customers

    Satisfying customer demands

    Innovative service mode

  • Wonderful life for shareholders

    Continuously creating values

    Provide happy returns

  • Wonderful life for employees

    Achieving personal values

    Fulfilling personal career

  • Wonderful social life

    Creating social wealth

    Providing job opportunities

    Dedicated to public welfare