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Jinke Property Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000656) was established in 1998. After more than two decades of innovative development, it has become a large conglomerate featuring an overall concept of four-in-one with coordinated development of ecosystem: giving priority to real estate, strengthening smart service, improving technology industry, and boosting commerce, cultural tourism and health care, to further integrate the industrial chain ecosystem. It is a leading “service provider for wonderful life” with strong comprehensive competitiveness contributing to urban development.

Guided by the national development strategy of city clusters, Jinke Property has launched its strategic plan in “three circles and one belt”, namely the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Circle, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle and the Yangtze Economic Belt. It has also established a business network in 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, spurring rapid growth in scale and continuous improvement in benefits. Jinke Property’s total assets are worth more than RMB220 billion with staff of over 25,000. In 2020, its sales revenue exceeded RMB220 billion, its yearly sales area exceeded 19 million square meters (top 10 in the industry), and its contracted service area in communities reached almost 300 million square meters (top 10 in the industry). Jinke Property has a ranking of the 17th in the real estate industry and has been awarded the “Top 500 Enterprises of China”, “Top 500 Private Enterprises of China” and “Top 10 Real Estate Brands of China” for many years.

Jinke Property insists on the development of real estate while devoting attention to shaping smart service with technological excellence, and building its functions as a leading smart service provider in the country pursuing the goal of meeting customer needs. It greatly enhances the investment and operation in the sci-tech industry, striving to be a leading platform in China active in industry investment & development, construction, incubation and operation in the areas of technology innovation, artificial intelligence, Internet, cloud computing, 5G and other industries. Jinke Property actively creates intellectual property (IP) rights of commerce, cultural tourism and health care, and uses resources from several sectors to render comprehensive, updated service experience, making a difference in wonderful life quality. Jinke Property integrates the industrial chain ecosystem, expands its portfolio, and provides quality and diversified products and services for a better life, boasting a new pattern of coordinated development of ecosystem.

It is Jinke Property’s mission to provide a Wonderful Life for You. Upholding the concepts of quality development and the principles of “customer orientation, value creation”, Jinke Property spares no efforts to build the three core competitiveness of “investment, product and service”, ultimately attaining win-win outcomes of “satisfying the needs of customers, shareholders, employee and communities”. In pursuing continuous innovations and breakthroughs, Jinke Property is on its way to become a top-notch corporation in the world.

One should think of the source of getting rich and of making progress after becoming affluence. Jinke sends messages of beauty and highlights social responsibility persistently. Moreover, it actively improves the corporate citizenship system and practices social responsibilities in a more effective manner. In this way, a "Red Sun Project", "Targeted Poverty Alleviation", "Large Community Volunteer Day" and other commonweal projects have been established. By the end of 2020, Jinke Property has made a public welfare investment and direct donation of more than CNY 1.7 billion, and invested more than CNY 40 billion in state-level poverty-stricken counties, stimulating employment of over 200,000 persons and helping more than 100,000 households in difficulty. Jinke was awarded the titles of "National Advanced Collectives for Poverty Alleviation" by CPC Central Committee and State Council, “China Charity Award” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, and “Advanced Private Enterprises in the National Targeted Poverty Relief Program -10,000 Enterprises Assisting 10,000 Villages” by the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce and the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development.

Jinke's Chairman

NationalNon-Public Economy Individual,
Excellent Builder of Socialist Cause with Chinese Characteristics

Outstanding Contributor to Philanthropy of China

Top 10 Influential Individuals in Real Estate Industry of China

Outstanding Entrepreneur of China

Influential Individual in Commercial Real Estate of China

Huang Hongyun

Board Chairman of Jinke Property



Inspired new growth drivers and embarked on a new journey. Officially released the high-quality development strategy of "four-in-one with coordinated development of ecosystem", and strived to reach CNY 450B total sales by 2025.


Practiced the new development concept to attain the high-quality development. Made the strategic transformation from "leap-through development" to "high-quality development".


Sales volume exceeded CNY 100B. Aimed to build a "wonderful life" community under the "Three Circles and One Belt" development strategy supplemented by the "Three-in-one" user strategy and "Three Series + One Core" product strategy.


Adopted leaping development strategy with focus put in 25 cities. Titled "Annual China Real Estate Poverty Alleviation Benchmarking Developers" for the first time.


Started the transformation from a "real estate developer" to a "service provider for wonderful life"; devised the brand-new strategy "Three Circles and One Belt"; named "Top 15 China Real Estate Developers"; and launched targeted poverty alleviation.


Elected "China Top 100 Real Estate Developers" for the 11th times consecutively,with the comprehensive strengths ranking the 15th; won "2015 China Top 100 Real Estate Developers - Top 10 in terms of financing stability"; listed among "China Top 30 Commercial Real Estate Developers" for the first time.


Named “2014 Best 20 China Real Estate Listed Companies with Strongest Comprehensive Strengths” and ranked the 6th in “2014 Best 10 China A-shares Real Estate Listed Companies”. Jinke Industry Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jinke New Energy Co., Ltd. were formally established, a major breakthrough in the Group's upgrading and transformation strategy in industrial integrated operations.


short-listed for "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" for the first time as a large-sized enterprise in China; won the "Special Outstanding Contribution Award for Charitable Donations" of Chongqing.


Jinke Property ranked first in the selection of "Top 50 Chongqing Private Enterprises" for the first time; Ranking in "10 Best of China Real Estate Brands" also rose to the 7th; and ranked the 16th in terms of comprehensive strength in all Chinese real estate enterprises.


Achieved transcending development by getting listed on the A -share market at Shenzhen Stock Exchange officially on August 23 in the name of Jinke Property Group Co., Ltd., or Jinke Property in short (stock code: 000656).


Sales volume exceeded CNY 10B. Honored "10 Best of China Real Estate Brands" by DRC and other authorities once again, with the ranking ascending to the 9th; brand value increased by 45.6%.


Titled the "10 Best of China Real Estate Brands" by the Development Research Center of the State Council. Awarded the title "China Well Known Trade Mark" by SAIC and officially ranked among the top real estate companies in China. Proposed and promoted the neighborhood culture, and organized six "10,000 participants" events with significant influence.


Jinke successfully and steadily expanded its business layout to 21 major provinces/cities including Beijing, Chongqing, Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangsuand are heading to enter more parts of China, with a land bank exceeding 10 million m2 throughout the country.


Implemented the nationwide development strategy, with the first project carried out in Wuxi, Yangtze River Delta.


Received the "Annual Contribution Award" at the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) as the only real estate company in Western-China winning this award. Jinke launched a diversification strategy with the five-star "Jinke Hotel" project.


Jinke Eastern Palace was praised as a "Flag-bearer of Chinese Residential Culture" and became well known nationwide by its quintessence of original Chinese-style houses.


Jinke was listed as one of the “Best 100 of Real Estate Companies” in China for the first time, and acquired Level 1 Development Qualification from the Ministry of Construction. Jinke Zhonghuafang, Jinke's first residence project was considered a model in traditional culture inheritage.


Jinke's corporate culture has gradually taken shape, with the development tenet "Make every detail perfect, build beautiful homes" put forwarded. Jinke Jinsha Shuian, Jinke's first riverside project, was honored the Top 10 Waterscape Projects of China. Jinke Tianlai City, Jinke's first garden house project, was launched and astounded the country, winning Jinke the reputation as "the Father of Houses".


Jinke Liyuan debuted as an "upgraded version product" after Jinke Garden. In the same year, Jinke was once again named an "Enterprise with Good Credit in Honoring Contract" of Chongqing, and listed as one of the "Best 10 of Real Estate Developers of Integrity".


Jinke obtained ISO9001:2000 international quality management certification, marking its being geared to international standards. In 2001, Jinke was listed as one of the "Best 10 of Real Estate Developers" of Chongqing for the first time, and rated as AAA in corporate credit.


Jinke Industry Group was established and then named an "Enterprise with Good Credit in Honoring Contract" of Chongqing for the first time.


Jinke Garden was rolled out as Jinke's first project.