Social Responsibility

Corporate social
responsibility report

There is a global consensus to adhere to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Over the past 20 years and more, Jinke has become the most determined "service provider for wonderful life" in the process of urban development, while creating a better living environment and promoting the development of ideal cities.

Jinke deeply carries out the mission of "Wonderful Life for You", implements the development strategy of "four-in-one with coordinated development of ecosystem", and takes the high-quality development philosophy as the ideological guidance to promote the sustainable community development.

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One should think of the source of getting rich and of making progress after becoming affluence. Jinke always adheres to the values that "social value outweighs enterprise value" and duly helps those in greatest difficulty. In addition, Jinke actively improves the corporate citizenship system, practices social responsibilities in a more effective manner. In this way, a "Red Sun Project", "Targeted Poverty Alleviation", "Large Community Volunteer Day" and other commonweal projects have been established.

Focus on Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Since 2016, Jinke has heeded the call of the state and devoted to the cause of targeted poverty alleviation. Thanks to poverty alleviation by developing industries, poverty alleviation by developing education, poverty alleviation through consumption, poverty alleviation by developing infrastructure, and poverty alleviation through public charities, Jinke has explored a new model for private enterprises engaged in targeted poverty alleviation, while sustaining growth of the local economy and empowering locals with the means to prosper.

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On May 30, Jinke launched targeted poverty alleviation by investing CNY 30 million in the first phase and planning the direction and investment of targeted poverty alleviation in the next three years.


On August 23, Jinke invested CNY 48.852 million in targeted poverty alleviation. And Jinke was titled "Annual China Real Estate Poverty Alleviation Benchmarking Developers".


On September 13, Jinke was awarded "China Charity Award"; on October 16, Jinke was awarded Advanced Private Enterprises in the National Targeted Poverty Relief Program "10,000 enterprises assisting 10,000 villages".


On August 22, Jinke invested CNY 120 million in targeted poverty alleviation on the path of public welfare.


On August 21, Jinke re-invested CNY 111 million in targeted poverty alleviation, and won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Charitable Donations of Chongqing" and the title of " Charitable Enterprise of Chongqing".


With a view to continuing to implement the projects of poverty alleviation by developing industries and carrying out poverty alleviation through consumption in an innovative way, Jinke will coordinate the fostering of communities equipped with smart cabinets for poverty alleviation through consumption and the establishment of Jinke Centralized Procurement Center in Southwest China for poverty alleviation through consumption, and explore the establishment of a fund for prevention of return to poverty, for the sake of consolidating the fruits of poverty alleviation. Jinke has been on the way to poverty alleviation.

The accumulated public welfare input and direct donation exceeded CNY 1.7 billion, and nearly CNY 40 billion was invested in national-level poverty-stricken counties;

A total of more than 2,100 impoverished college students and more than 5,000 left-behind children have got help from Jinke;

A total of more than 2,000 elderly persons of no family and 100,000 families in need have been helped by Jinke.

In the future, Jinke will continue to take "Wonderful Life for You" as its mission, actively fulfill its social responsibility as a "service provider for wonderful life", and continue to move forward on the path of public welfare.