Real Estate

Jinke's "Happiness" Proposition

In 2016, Jinke put forward a new brand proposition of "Wonderful Life for You", and at the same time established five new beautiful propositions: better growth, better convenience, better health, better home, better neighborhood

Better growth —Community growth caring system, growth carefree education system;

More convenience — Community commercial supportive system, 365 community service program;

Better health — All-age fitness sports system, community medical & healthcare system;

Better home — Humanized functional system, intelligent technology system;

Better neighborhood — neighborhood life circle, neighborhood service system.

Three Major Product Series

As a pursuer of "productism", Jinke has been keenly observing and capturing the demands and changes of consumer groups, and, consequently, rolled out 10 major project

series including Palace series, Langqiao series, Tianlai City series, Tianhu series, and Central Park series.

Against the backdrop of user and consumption upgrade, and following the original intention as a "productist", the Group came up with the "Three series + one core" product

strategy in 2018 with its 20-year experience in the development of real estate products.

With "Oriental Habitat" as the core element, we have built three major product series brands including "Qionghua", "Nature Emerald" and "Jimei"to reshape the model of oriental

habitat in the trend of the times.

  • Jimei Series

    Taste of Orient - Safe Home for Growth

    Children's safety themed community

    highly free amusement community

    design on 8 major themes

  • Nature Emerald Series

    Selected Essence of the East - Healthcare Home

    Health &Sports Themed Community

    9 Major Habitation Health System

    720° Healthy Life Circle

  • Jinke - China Image Series

    Representing the East - Future Smart Home

    Jinke Life Home Technologies

    Five Intelligent Systems

    Five Caring Systems

    Seven Health Systems

Industry Awards

  • Kinpan Award

  • Chinese Architecture Golden Stone Award

  • Elite Award

  • Reard Global Design Award

  • International Design Awards

  • A' Design Award


Kinpan Award

Jimei Tianchen

Kinpan Award

Jimei Oriental

Kinpan Award

Jimei Town

Kinpan Award

Nature Emerald Shuyuan Town

Kinpan Award

Siji Chunxiao

Chinese Architecture Golden Stone Award

Chongqing Jinke·Zhonghuafang

Elite Award

Changshu Jinke·Times Coast/Xi'an Jinke·Universal City Center

Reard Global Design Award

Nanchang Jinke·Nature Emerald Tianxia

Reard Global Design Award

Changzhou Country Garden·Jinke Guangmingfu

Reard Global Design Award

Zibo Jinke·Jimei Tianchen

Reard Global Design Award

Yancheng Jinke·Jimei Wanghu Mansion

Reard Global Design Award

Guizhou Jinke·Oriental Aesthetics

Reard Global Design Award

Chengdu Jinke·Tianhuwan

International Design Awards

Chongqing Jinke·Jiuqu River

International Design Awards

Kunming Jinke·Pride of Life

A' Design Award

Chongqing Jinke·Jiuqu River

A' Design Award

Guizhou Jinke·Oriental Aesthetics


Nanning Jinke Nature Emerald Jiangshan


Chongqing Jinke·Orient Esthetics


Chongqing Jinke·Jiuqu River


Ningbo Jinke·Garden Mansion


Chongqing Jinke·China Image

Product Patent

* Issuance dates and validity periods of the patents below are subject to national laws and regulations. The patents that have expired are now open to the public.

"Residence with a Courtyard in the Sky"

Patent No.ZL200620138049.4

InnovationJinke creatively adopts 18-20m2 of indoor open space, design the living room, dining room, study and bedroom around the courtyard so as to extend the indoor space and achieve the goal of "putting outside space inside and inside space outside".

ApplicationsLangqiao Shuian in Chongqing, Guantianxia in Wuxi, etc.

"Mezzanine House"

Patent No.ZL200620138048.X

InnovationFloor height of the apartment is nearly 6 meters. Different from a duplex building, the modification of space and number of floors can be determined by the owners so that the indoor space can have the best utilization rate.

ApplicationsLuyun Kangcheng in Chongqing, Yunhu Tiandu in Chongqing, etc.

"Original Chinese Building"

Patent No.ZL200630145793.2

InnovationThe product inherits the essence of Chinese traditional architecture. With the core concept of "a house cannot be one without a yard", it creates a modern residential community full of traditional Chinese essence. A lot of traditional building materials have been used to create a modern Chinese-style space suitable for people nowadays to live in.

ApplicationsJinke Eastern Palace in Wuxi, Dongfang Courtyard in Jiangyin, etc.

"Villa-like Townhouse"

Patent No.ZL200820302045.4

InnovationThe designs that are applied in the market, like an elevator opens into one's apartment, apartment owners on 2F can have access to garden and basement, offer every household in the townhouse the same environment and enjoyment as in a villa.

ApplicationsSunshine Town in Chongqing, Jinke Tianchen in Liuzhou, etc.

"Jiuqu River Series Patent"

Patent No.ZL201730638765.2、ZL201730638363.2、ZL201730640324.6、ZL201730638383.X、ZL201730638745.5、ZL201730638361.3、ZL201730637810.2

InnovationIn the field of architecture, the main criteria for the selection of design patents are firstly the originality of the design, and secondly, the beauty of the architectural form. Combination of both elements makes just a handful of projects have been awarded this patent in the field. Jinke Jiuqu River, with its original architectural aesthetics, has received 7 design patents. Behind the powerful research and development strength is Jinke's inheritance and pursuit of oriental spiritual culture. Every form of a building has its meaning, and oriental culture is embedded in every inch of the architectural texture. While high quality is achieved, the aesthetics of oriental architecture is demonstrated.

ApplicationsJinke – Jiuqu River

"Windown-style Anti-Haze Health Ventilation System" for Buildings

Patent No.ZL201720167923.5

InnovationIn order to improve the air quality of the household, Jinke initially created a window-type anti-haze ventilation system. The filter in the internal window frame can automatically filter formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other harmful substances. At the same time, the system can be easily fixed to the window frame so as to avoid the destructive installation method of central fresh air system and wall-mounted fresh air system.

ApplicationsSunshine Town in Chongqing, Jinke Tianchen in Liuzhou, etc.

"Sound-proof Environmental Protection Glass Window"

Patent No.ZL201720349554.1

InnovationIn order to isolate outdoor noise in a better way, Jinke creatively adds sound insulation materials, wire glass and mechanical structure to the glass interlayer so that the glass can achieve better effect. The operation is both simple and practical.


"Charging Pile Series Patent"

Patent No.ZL201720536384.8、ZL201720483642.0、ZL201820666678.7

InnovationIn 2020, the "most stringent" fuel consumption regulations will be implemented in China so that a large number of hybrid and pure electric vehicles will show up in the market. In order to make it more convenient for the owners' traveling and living, Jinke created and developed the crash-proof ceiling-mounted charging pile that is sheltered from the rain and can automatically retract the cable in 2017 and 2018. The owners can easily charge their cars via APP in the future.


"Life building system"

Patent No.ZL201720450947.1、ZL201721334767. 3、ZL201721868302.6、ZL201721743696.2

InnovationCirculating sewage treatment and purification system, plant-cooling composite wall, smart household water circulation and treatment system, sound insulation and shock absorption ground ... Based on innovative technology Jinke gives life to buildings so that they become intelligent units with genes specific to each costumer, are capable of interaction, and can coexist with the environment.


Product Chronicle

  • 2020

    The year of 2020 saw the opening of Jinke LivingBuildingLaband the conveningof the second International Symposiumon Living Building. The Labwill focus on the basic technology research of livingbuilding and the exploration of future human settlement technology to promote the iterativearchitecturaldevelopment.

  • 2018

    In 2018, Jinke launched the three product lines including China Image, Nature Emerald and Jimei. Around the core philosophy build "Oriental Habitat" and by epitomizing its 20-year experience in eastern-style residence development, Jinke started to take Oriental Habitat as the product strategy instead of project strategy.

  • 2017

    In 2017, Jinke launched China Image Jiuqu River. As a model oriental-style human settlement project, it won six international awards and seven national patents, creating new standards for upscale luxury houses and reshaping the aesthetics of eastern-style human settlements.

  • 2014

    In 2014, Jinke started to explore the path of “innovation-driven, transformational development” to create a new sector for growth. For this purpose, it launched Changsha Science and Technology New Town, its first industrial real estate project.

  • 2010

    In 2010, Jinke rolled out its first villa project Taiyang Haian", by which it won Chinese Architecture Golden Stone Award, the most influential and authoritative architecture award in Asia, for the innovation in "Building townhouses as single-family houses".

  • 2009

    In 2009, Jinke rolled out Sunshine Town, the seventh-generation garden house, where direct home elevators are installed and each household are provided with villa-level environment, services and other innovative designs, by which Jinke was granted the "villa-level house" utility patent.

  • 2008

    In 2008, the sixth-generation garden house projects represented by the Ten-Year Town was launched. The variable household layout designed with the "Life-oriented" concept with increased give-away spaces could better meet the customers' needs for functions.

  • 2006

    In 2006, the fifth-generation house projects with Eastern Palace as the epitome were rolled out. Carrying the "Original Chinese Houses" design idea and product format, they embodied the essence of Chinese traditional architectural heritage, and won Jinke the reputation as a "Flag-bearer of Chinese Residential Culture".

  • 2005

    In 2005, LangqiaoShuian won the first national IP patent for Jinke with the spacial innovation known as "Pavilion in the Sky".

  • 2004

    In 2004, Lake Paradise debuted as Jinke's third-generation garden house. The landscape house projects of the Tianhu series made an innovation to create double-flow traffic, scientific arrangement of interior spaces, etc., winning the fame "Father of Houses" for the brand.

  • 2003

    In 2003, Jinke’s first Chinese-style residential project Zhonghuafang was launched. The traditional residential townhouses with blue tiles and white walls, and courtyards both in the front and back, initiating the way of oriental aesthetics exploration and inheritance.

  • 2003

    In 2003, Jinke's first garden house project - Tianlai City was launched, clearly defining the standard for garden house products as "4D spaces and 5-proximity residence" for the first time.

  • 2002

    In 2002, Jinke set up a design and R&D system, which opened its market-oriented "productism" path, greatly increasing the market competitiveness of Jinke products.

  • 2000

    In 2000,Jinke brought out its ground breaking product Jinke Garden, which was positioned as "nice houses near the downtown area" and raised a storm in the real estate sector.

Brand-new Kernel of Products

  • Smart:Build warm, considerate homes with innovative smart

  • Organic:Promote the sustainable development of buildings with green, organic elements

  • Gene: Light up the happy urban life with inherited genes