Technology Industry

Investment &Operation in Science

The Jinke Industry sector, as an important component of Jinke’s four-in-one structure, has two driving engines namely Jinke Industry Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. and Jinke Zhixin Group Co., Ltd. operating in industrial development, operation, and investment, it has become one of China's leading comprehensive operators.

Adhering to "The integration of production and urban development by promoting urban development via production and boosting production through urban development", Jinke Industry was engaged in industries including intelligent manufacturing, digital technology, health science and technology, intellectual construction, headquarters economy, cultural tourism& health care, etc. to build an integrated industrial operating and service system, promote the upgrading of regional industrial structure; it also cooperate with high-quality resources at home and abroad for mutual benefits and win-win for industry enterprises, government platforms and Jinke Industry.

Thanks to its strong comprehensive strengths, Jinke Industry has won the "China Top 20 Excellent Industrial Park Operators", "National E-commerce Demonstration Base", "National Technology Business Incubator", "China Top 10 Industrial Park Operators Brand Value", "Excellent Industrial Park Enterprise Service Provider of China", and other honors or titles granted by national authoritative institutions including the MIIT, MOC and DRC.

Business Model

  • Industrial Development

    Industry Proposition / Planning & Design

    Development & Construction / Functions

  • Industrial Operation

    Investment Admission / Operation Services

    Enterprise Service Platform / Enterprise Community Platform

  • Industrial Investment

    Investment Site Selection / Industry Funds

    Equity Investment / IPO Counseling

Industry Direction

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Digital Technologies
  • Health Technologies
  • Headquarters Economy
  • Cultural Tourism & Health Care

Centering on smart empowerment, build a mainstay industry dominated by smart equipment manufacturing and smart factory production, and a supporting industry supplemented by smart technologies and smart services, so as to set a pattern led by the new engine of industrial smart upgrading, advanced manufacturing technology demonstration zone, and urban industry guided development, and promote the formation of an industrial service platform of intelligent technologies and intelligent manufacturing industry clusters.

All-round Operation Service Platform

Regarding the operation and management of industrial parks, Jinke focuses on the strategic proposition as an "comprehensive operation service provider in the intelligent industry" and strives to build an all-round operation service platform to meet the employees' production and life needs to the greatest extent, and provide a powerful, diversified security system for the development of the industry.

  • Policy Resource Platform

    Policy Resource Platform

    Study relevant industrial support policies, and provide policy services covering application, information, interpretation, training , etc. for enterprises operating in the park

    1、Application, information providing and agency of national (provincial, municipal) special fund projects 2、Industrial policy interpretation and training 3、Establishment of policy exchange platforms 4、Convenient guidance for policy approval procedures
  • Financial Service Platform

    Financial Service Platform

    Integrate the resources from financial institutions such as banks, funds, trusts, and guarantee companies to build a capital investment and financing platform for the park

    1、Provide financial intermediary service packages for enterprises in the park 2、Loan and financing services 3、Industry guidance fund services 4、Intellectual property and equity pledge financing services
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform

    Provide one-stop incubation and innovation services to facilitate business startup

    1、Innovative and entrepreneurial carriers such as high-standard incubators and mass innovation spaces 2、Top-level innovation and entrepreneurship mentors 3、Establishing an innovation and entrepreneurship institute 4、Introducing sci-tech financing, sci-tech consulting, intellectual property and other service organizations
  • Public Service Platform

    Public Service Platform

    Introduce industrial public service agencies to the park to reduce operational investment of enterprises

    1、Inspection, testing and certification services 2、Industry-university-research cooperation laboratory 3、Industrial technology & innovation alliance 4、Information consulting service center
  • Human Resources Platform

    Human Resources Platform

    Optimize the allocation of internal and external resources to help companies form efficient, low-cost human resource management systems

    1、Introduce professional HR service agencies 2、Jointly carry out pre-employment education and training 3、Human resource service outsourcing 4、Cooperate with enterprises to carry out campus recruitment
  • Easy Settlement Platform

    Easy Settlement Platform

    Provide non-core business services for enterprises to fully meet their needs to settle in the park

    1、Government approval agency services 2、Enterprise site selection and decoration services 3、IT network infrastructure services 4、Administrative & logistics outsourcing services
  • Business Marketing Platform

    Business Marketing Platform

    Assist enterprises in market expansion and business connection to achieve corporate brand and image promotion

    1、Linked with industry associations and industry alliances 2、Uniform product display and introduction for enterprises 3、Promotion and propaganda via public platforms 4、Upstream and downstream resource connection for enterprises
  • Park's Event Platform

    Park's Event Platform

    Organize enterprises in the park to carry out various themed events for different target groups to improve the industrial and cultural atmosphere of the park

    1、Convene private board of directors, themed salons or forums, etc. for corporate executives 2、Carry out policy and regulation training, professional skills training, etc. for middle-level enterprises 3、Carry out sports games, blind dates and other leisure and entertainment activities for corporate employees

Industry Resources

Jinke Industry has formed an enterprise repository dominated by industrial fields such as intelligent manufacturing, digital technology, health technology, cultural tourism & health care, etc. The repository mainly contains leading enterprises in strategic cooperation and enterprises in the park.

After in-depth cooperation for years, benign interactions have been established gradually via the park platform between industries and between enterprises, which in turn urge the platform to continuously link with new high-quality enterprises and provide effective resource guarantee for industrial development.

National Distribution

Jinke Industry currently has formed a national network covering the western, eastern, northern, and central areas in China; Specifically, it has entered more than 20 cities in 10 provinces/municipalities including Chongqing, Sichuan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan and Hunan.

There are over 40 developed or managed projects in total, with an accumulative development and operation area exceeding 15 million m2, more than 3,000 enterprises that have settled in the parks or in strategic cooperation, and an annual output value over CNY 200 billion.

A large number of benchmarking projects have been in existence, represented by Chongqing Liangjiang Health Science and Technology Town, Chengdu Qingyang Headquarters Base, Chengdu Floraland International Resort, Shanxi Smart Science and Technology Town, and ChangshaScience and Technology New Town, facilitating the transformation and upgrading of urban industries!